The Daughter’s Sword

Nicole finds a sword at her aunt’s house. Her aunt decides to tell her the story of the sword; it includes jealousy, secrets, strangers, and a fight. Read more:   Advertisements

A Sister’s Promise

A promise has been made, now is the time for it to be kept. Her sister has been snatched by the dragon, now she has to keep her promise and save her sister. Read more:


She wakes up not remembering anything. She doesn’t know where she is, or even worse, who she is. There is a group of people, dressed in all black with red highlights, monitoring all this. And a man in a white lab coat too. Read more:

12 Names and Counting

She can’t remember her name. Again. She knows she’s in SENSE headquarters.  She can remember that SENSE in bad. She can’t remember anything about herself. She can remember the pocket with the pink notebook. Read more:


“I’ve had the same dream so many times in a row. In this dream I am Falling….also They are after me, what do I do? Read more:


Will Kyla be too late? Or will she be able to rescue Cynthia on time? Read more:

Just a Walk on the Beach

Sam and his sister, Jessika, get kidnapped during a walk on the beach, now they have to figure out how to get free. Read more: